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Our History:
The first Church in Arkengarthdale was in Arkle Town beside the old road up the Dale. In 1812 it was reported as too small and in need of repair. As a result a new Church was built on the present site further up the Dale. No trace of the old Church remains apart from a few gravestones in a field above the Arkle beck.
The ‘new’ building is in the ‘Commissioner’ style – very unusual in a rural setting.
There are two Baptismal fonts – the older, a single fluted stone pillar and basin, reputed to have come from the old Church.
The organ, built by Peter Conacher and Co., at a cost of £250, dates from 1892. It was paid for by local donations in memory of the Rev. John Hayton who was Vicar of Arkengarthdale for 32 years.
The Reredos and Altar were installed in 1947 as a memorial to those who died in the Second World War.
The Present:
The population of Arkengarthdale is around 200 of whom 25% are over retirement age although most of our older farmers are still working! A further 20% are of school age and represent our future.
The Church of England controlled Primary School was founded in 1659 and celebrated its 350th year in 2009.
The school children participate in Christmas, Mothering Sunday and Harvest Services and add to our decorations at these and Easter Services.
Our Prayer Tree often carries the requests of children for their relatives and the World in which we live. These are offered, with those of visitors and the congregation, at our monthly Ecumenical Evening service of Compline.
The Future:
North Window
East Window
East Window completed
Skilled hands at work
Holy Trinity
We are committed to maintaining the presence of the Church Community in the Dale and, in the last four years, have planned and completed the repair and restoration of the East Window and all ten Nave Windows. In addition, the roof has been re-tiled and insulated, the interior plaster repaired and the whole Church re-decorated.
All this has been achieved with generous donations from residents, friends, grants from English Heritage and other charities. We now look forward to the future - warm and dry!
Our participation in local Dale events continues, supporting Sports Day, a popular Duck Race and School activities throughout the year.
We try to plan our Festival Services in a form accessible to all the Community, involving as many people as possible.
Weddings, Baptisms and Funerals provide a further point of contact with people and we hope that our hospitality and support at these milestones is effective in spreading the Gospel.
We always welcome visitors to our services of B.C.P. Holy Communion, Evensong and Compline, the dates and times of which are on the Church Notice Board and the “Church Services” link on this website.
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St. Mary’s  
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